pick6's TrueTurf v5.1 (hi-quality field texture & template)

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Re: pick6's TrueTurf v5.1 (hi-quality field texture & template)

Postby Austinmario13 » Thu Sep 13, 2018 1:33 am

Rixster67r wrote:I figured out what makes the field images so large...... for example when you create a field it will range from 2,000 to 4,000 KB.....

It is the grass or turf detail and is not necessary to be there..... The game itself applies the field or turf texture so when you are creating a field you can just paint bucket the color of the grass or turf leaving it looking like it has no detail but when you load your tpf in the game it will apply the needed texture and look great..... This will bring your size down to around 280 KB a big difference when you are loading a lot of textures......

Also to get a decent looking snow or wet field log the games snow or mud texture and make sure it loads in your tpf after your field images so it goes on top of them......

The images I am talking about look like a small snow covered field or muddy field

I will post some images soon......

That’s good. But there’s problem with the Astro turf. It’s so dark for some reason...

Re: pick6's TrueTurf v5.1 (hi-quality field texture & template)



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