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Re: Madden NFL DB Editor 2019

Postby RevanFan » Fri Jul 12, 2019 6:19 pm

elguapo wrote:
RevanFan wrote:
elguapo wrote:
I don't know. It would eliminate having duplicate, PGIDs, CYIDs, SGIDs and TGIDs when you import records.

Oh, so it just makes sure there's no duplicates? That's useful.

You need to have at least one record in the table to import records. You could delete all records, add a record, import records and then delete the added record.

Also do not use it to rearrange your PGIDs since it is not linked to the depth charts (yet).

I actually rearrange PGIDs regularly anyway, to play it safe. I just go in-game and reset the depth charts. Having the two tables linked, however, would be amazing.
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